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Basil Presto Pesto!

Ah, basil… how I love thee.

And I will love you in a jar, and I will love you in the car, and in some pasta, with lotsa and lotsa… um, tomatoes? Ha! I am not a poet.

My favorite way to indulge in basil is with a bit of garlic, pine nuts, parm, olive oil, & spun up! Helloooo pesto! Then I put it in a jar to use whenever my little heart desires.

Today I had some of my fabulous homemade basil pesto on a sandwich. How had I never had pesto like this before?? It was delish. For realsies. Mayo, turkey, muenster cheese (I prefer provolone, but we were out), tomato, lettuce, and a thick layer of pesto. YUM.

This year instead of planting basil in my garden (like I should have… darn bugs), I kept a pot sitting on my patio right outside the sliding door. Can’t forget to use it now! And I have been. A lot.

Even so, my plant was getting quite tall, so I had to do a bit of trimming. Gee, darn… what ever shall I do with all these leaves?? Spin ’em up! Here’s my recipe…


2 c. basil leaves, packed tight
1 c. shredded parm (freshly shredded works best, I had a tub of pre-shredded so that’s what I used here)
3-4 cloves garlic (I had a jar of pre-minced, so I used 2 t.)
2 T pine nuts (toast them if you have time, if not no biggie)
1/2 c. olive oil (more or less depending on how you like it)

Toss everything into your food processor except the olive oil & pulse to combine. Drizzle about 1/4 cup olive oil and spin it up. Scrape the edges and spin again, adding more oil a bit at a time until it reaches your preferred consistency.

If you plan on freezing basil to have some in the winter, or whenever your heart desires, just don’t add in the parmesan or all of the oil. Once you have your pesto spun up, plop it into a freezer safe container and top it with more olive oil. This will create a protective layer so it won’t brown.

In this batch, I added a bit too much oil. To fix it, I ran (walked) back outside and harvested another handful of basil leaves. Easy peasy in a breazy!


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