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Cheater Strawberry Bruschetta

I love having fresh basil right outside my patio door. It inspires me to… um, eat! Lol, it also inspires me to create, nourish, explore, and expand my foodie horizons.

It’s strawberry season here in the Midwest, so we took the kids picking. Ok… the Hubs and I went picking, C sat in her seat in the shade and B went strawberry eating, lol! I’m just glad he has my love of fruit, strawberries specifically, instead of the Hubs dislike of strawberry seeds. It’s silly. That’s why God made floss.


Moving on, we had some fresh strawberries, and an abundance of basil. A friend of mine led me toward an amazing recipe for strawberry bruschetta. I bought the baguette and the honey whipped goat cheese, figured out what a balsamic glaze was, and got to work. Check out that recipe from Simply Scratch here

That appetizer was a-maz-ing, but who wants to do all that prep (slicing perfect baguette rounds takes a while!) and spend those precious pennies (goat cheese… helloooo!) when you can remake it cheaper and quite a bit easier? Not me.

Yes, goat cheese is wonderful with its smooth texture and bit of tang on the back end, but it’s not the least expensive of the soft cheeses. Since I had a bunch of the balsamic glaze leftover I thought, “hey, let’s give it a whirl with cream cheese!” Let me tell you, friends… I actually prefer it that way!


Here’s how I made my cheater strawberry bruschetta:

Toast a slice or two of bread to a medium golden brown, and set aside to cool. Slice up a couple of strawberries, like 2-3 medium sized ones is all, and toss them in a bowl. Roll up a few fresh basil leaves, chop them into thin ribbons, sprinkle on top of the strawberries & stir to combine. Spread a medium to thick layer of cream cheese onto the toast, spoon strawberry mixture on top, and drizzle with the balsamic glaze. If you want to get super fancy, you can even cut your toast into smaller squares!

OMG, this is super yummy! So much less time consuming and just as delish. I for sure have champagne taste, but I remade this appetizer to fit within my paper plate budget. Enjoy!

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