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Chicken Avocado on Chips

Last night I tricked the boy. I got him to eat actual real food… and he was happy about it too!

Way before my hubby and I decided to have kids, we were watching and planning and talking. Deciding about how we wanted to raise our future rulers of the world, and knowing we would be amazing┬áparents. Oh, we wouldn’t be making any of the mistakes we saw from people we knew. One of those major mistakes was how poorly so many kids were eating. Like, hellooo?!?! Your kid only eats chicken nuggets? That for sure wouldn’t be my kid.

So, armed with our plans and extreme knowledge (people without kids have all the answers, right?), we had B. He’s amazing, bright and funny and full of mischief. And every now and then he’ll eat dinner with us. Like, twice a week if we’re lucky. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve stuck to our plan (no catering to the demands of a toddler, and they will eat real people food), but it is much more difficult that we thought! Some nights he goes to bed hungry, and I truly feel bad. I do. Sort of.

Then there are nights that I’m on my game and I come out the winner! Last night the menu was southwest chicken tacos. Holy bananas it was super yummy (posting about that one later for sure)! But… what would B eat? He saw the chips and it was all over. He was having chips for dinner, darn it! No amount of reason, explanation, or begging was going to change his mind.

So, instead of fighting it, I embraced his need for chips. After all, any tiny thing a toddler requests is instantly turned into a need, right?? We had tricked him before with avocado turned guac turned mask for other ingredients, why should tonight be any different? And it worked.

The recipe: tortilla chips broken into bite sized pieces, smear on the guac (the glue) top with a piece of chicken. YUMM!! He cleared a bit of space on the plate & I reloaded. Overall he ate 1/2 chicken breast, 1/2 avacado, & probably 8 or so chips. Not too bad! I’ll call that a success for sure!!

Full toddler tummy= happy momma= early bedtime= parental chill time.


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