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Eat The Frosting

I let him eat the frosting. Yup, totally did. And I know one of those dirty little fingers found their way into the frosting bowl when my back was turned… gross! But you know what? I couldn’t care less. Let him eat the frosting.

Now that I’m a SAHM, I’m busier than before. And I’m way more distracted than before. And I seem to also get sucked into social media a lot faster than before. What’s up with that?

So, when B brought me the stacking rings toy (you all totally know which one I’m referring to) and said “here momma I made you cake!”, I stopped everything to take it in. I put the phone down, turned to him and really looked at him. He was beaming with pride- he made me the most delicious imaginary cake out of toys. And it was a layer cake, too! Lol, so stinkin cute.

I took his note and ran with it… “you wanna make a cake, buddy?” Um, duh… of course he wanted to make a real cake!

So we busted out the mixer and got to work. I showed him how to lock and unlock the arm, how to raise it and lower it, and how to only move the lever one click to turn the mixer on (can you imagine what mess that could’ve been?!?!).

I measured the ingredients and B dumped them in. We took our time with this cake, it would be the perfect cake. I was very deliberate with not rushing him. Even though it took FOR-EV-ER to add each ingredient (doesn’t everything take forever with a toddler?), I let him do it. And he asked every question possible with every step he took.

“This one momma?” YES. “Right here momma?” YES. “Now this one momma?” YUP. “Over here momma?” UH HUH. “Now eat cake momma?” NOT YET. “Eat cake now momma?” UM, NO.

Lol, you get the picture. It was… intense. But we survived it, every minute of the cake baking, and the cake cooling, and the waiting and waiting and waiting. Until it was time for frosting. But by then daddy had arrived home from work, and all the sudden cake making was not the coolest thing ever. Daddy was.

So, I made the frosting. Chocolate frosting with a yellow cake. Such a simple combination, but when done correctly is absolutely divine. When the frosting was done, I reclaimed my rightful place as the most awesome parent in the house. “Hey, buddy… the frosting is done. Do you wanna taste it?” Ha! I was back on top!

I let him eat the frosting… and lick the beaters… and clean off the spatula. And I truly took the time to enjoy those moments. Be a kid, make the cake, eat the frosting.

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