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How to Reboot Your Morning When You Wake Up on the Wrong Side of the Coffee Cup

You know it’s going to be a rough day when your toddler starts throwing his first fit at 5:35am. I am not even being sarcastic this time. I actually looked at the clock.

Usually I get a happy little boy in my face at 5am, asking if I need “power” (big cuddles and hugs) to get up. That was not the case today. Today it was demanded that I get out of bed and come downstairs to play. Ummmm… huh? I think not, little one.

I wasn’t even awake yet. The coffee was still brewing downstairs. And to make matters just a teeny bit more fantastic, the aforementioned temper tantrum woke the baby.

All of this is a magical start to a glorious day… not! I don’t like being a grump in the mornings. I knew I needed to snap out of it, or be able to fake it ‘til I make it (“it” being the very large cup of coffee), but sometimes that’s just too difficult.

Here are some steps to take when you need to “reboot” your morning:

  1. DISTRACT: Turn on the tv and pick a movie. Not a tv show… those are only 30 minutes at best. You need something that will take up quite a bit of time and bring the toddler volume down to a dull roar.
  2. MUFFLE: Juice. Lots and lots of juice. We don’t drink much other than water throughout the day… except on tantrum days. Then B gets juice. Why, you ask? Because it makes him happy and when he’s happy he’s quiet. Also its difficult to yell while drinking. And, yes, there’s sugar in juice. Ask me if I care.
  3. RELEASE: Scream into a pillow. Literally. There’s just something about actually screaming that is so incredibly therapeutic. And let’s face it… the scream is coming out eventually. At least this way you can control where its directed.
  4. TREAT: Hot cocoa in your coffee. Because… chocolate. And… coffee. It feels naughty, and the chances are pretty good that the little one will never suspect there is chocolate being eaten in his presence. Its like hiding in the bathroom with a candy bar. Only better. Because it’s right in front of him. Ha… Ha ha ha.
  5. BREATHE: That’s probably the most important step. 5 deep breathes… inhale, exhale… inhale, exhale… you get the picture.
  6. FORGIVE: Ok, now this is the most important step. Forgive yourself, and forgive your monster. You are only human, and he is only a child.

That last step is always, in my opinion, the easiest to forget and the most difficult to execute. These days we are constantly being bombarded with perfection in the easiest to view places. Helloooo Facebook… right?! I mean, nobody posts pictures of their messy kitchen, or their chaotic toy room, or the dining room table that’s still covered with crafts from three months ago, right? Not me. Oh for sure not me.

But nobody’s  life is perfect, it’s just as flawed as yours. There are no perfect parents and if anyone tries to make you believe they are one… they’re lying. Or they’re delusional. Or they’re just drunk.

So the next time your lovely little angel comes screaming into your bedroom in the wee hours of the night, pause for a minute, and reboot.


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